Monday, 30 June 2008

Lunch Out and an Unplanned Visit

It was a bright, sunny morning with little humidity and I enjoyed my walk today. By this afternoon we were back into rain although the next few days are supposed to be very nice.

Betty was picking me up late this morning as we were having lunch with her long-time friend, Linda at Pelican Grille on Bank Street. The restaurant is part of a fish store and it was excellent and beautifully presented as you can see!

Betty and Linda had the Sea Scallops

I had the crusted Thai trout

Left to right - Sandra, Betty and Linda

Linda's parents have been well known to our family since before I was born. Linda's father was born in Williamsburg where our family had their farm and was in fact related to the lady we called grandma who brought my father into their home as a child from England when young boys were being sent to Canada to work. Linda's mother was born in the nearby town of Iroquois. They have just moved to a senior's residence quite close to where we were having lunch so we dropped in to see them. I hadn't seen then for any years.

Here are John and Lee along with their son and Linda's brother, Allan who dropped by while we were there. I might also add that I had my first job with John when he was a manager of Mutual Life here in Ottawa.

Betty dropped me off at the campground late this afternoon in time for me to have a nap!

Happy Canada Day tomorrow to all the Canadians. Canada is 141 years old tomorrow!

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  1. I was looking at your Canada Day, do you see something familiar here ?

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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