Monday, 7 July 2008


Today I spent a very restful day. I did go for my walk and run and this is the first day in ages that I haven't wrapped my foot. I'm seeing a lot of improvement in it lately.

After breakfast I took myself out to my lawn chair with my book and a cold drink and there I stayed for hours eating my lunch there. I did take a walk around the park and took some photos of the beautiful lilies. Here are some of them.

I've been wanting one of these days for ages and with the warm temperatures and the beautiful breeze it was a great day for it! Unfortunately this kind of day doesn't make for very good blogging!

Oh and by the way, I checked and my figures for June are correct! I had some comments about us only spending such a small amount on fuel for the truck and also indications that my bookkeeping may be incorrect but it's not. These figures don't happen very often but I'm hoping to see more like it this winter in Texas, that is, after we get there. I'm sure the month of October and probably November will be high due to fuel costs.

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  1. Doncat8:46 pm

    Great pictures! Sounds like a great place to be..



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