Thursday, 10 July 2008

Laundry and a Drive in the Country

Last night after dinner we drove the short distance to the Stormwater Facility which has walking paths. Gordon needed a photo for We just had a short outing as it looked like a thunderhead was building. Lucky for us nothing came of it except to bring drier temperatures. We then did a quick run to the grocery store.


Path at storm facility

The humidity went away over night and today was a perfect 23C (74F) so I had a lovely walk/run this morning.

On to more mundane things, I got the laundry done and out of the way.

Gordon wanted to go for a drive in the country this afternoon so we took the scenic route to historic Merrickville, Ontario. Merrickville has apparently been voted the prettiest village in Ontario and has more heritage buildings than any other community of its size. It even has a Blockhouse Museum

as well as locks as the town is right on the Rideau River. We took some photos and continued on to Burritts Rapids, another hamlet in the area which also has locks. They were just about to let some boats out of the locks so we took some photos there too.

Watch out for that first step - it's a doosey!

I wonder what's behind the pink door?

There was a really big Santa at the front of one of the stores. I managed not to go into ANY stores!

Me coming out of a badly maintained British phone booth.

Merrickville is located in Merrickville-Wolford Township. This is the same spelling as Gordon's lat name.

There's also a Wolford B&B.

From there we came home arriving about 5:30 p.m. Now for a quiet night. Looks like a good night for sleeping with the windows open!

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