Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Pretty Ho Hum Kinda Day

Today was hot, windy and humid with the threat of rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. The day started off bright and sunny with a lovely breeze which makes for great walking conditions. After breakfast I set out to do errands.

I had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up the rest of Gordon's medication today. They never have the full number of pills for the month that is prescribed so I did other errands while I was out which encompassed the library, getting a fax sent to our new insurer and two shopping malls. On my way home I stopped at the
Canada Beading Supply that I saw when we first arrived. It's quite a store and they have beading classes which start, of course, when we're in Lindsay in August but maybe I'll be able to get one in before we leave to go south for the winter.

I got home shortly after noon and finished the latest book that I started the night before last. I love Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. They are books that you can't put down! I sat outside for a while and then thought I'd take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep so back on the computer I went taking time out to go out and try to find a photo for my blog.

Pretty ferns

This is what we call an MBB - miscellaneous brown bird.

There have been lots of tents in the park lately.

Vine climbing over the wall that runs behind us

Please say prayers for rv-dreams members, Tim and Robyn. Robyn was badly burned in an accident in mid-June and is still in hospital in Augusta, GA on a ventilator. She will be there for a long time yet.

That's it for today, folks!

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