Monday, 12 May 2008

We Got It!

I found out on Friday that it's the campground that is putting up the fence between us and the cleaning plant next door. Apparently the young guys try to take a short cut over the curb and through the campground to get out onto the road rather than line up to get out at the light. So I walked through the industrial area this morning.

After breakfast the sun was shining and although it was still a bit windy I decided to sit outside and read for a while. I needed my blanket but I sat out for a bit. There was a lot of 'fluff' blowing around. I thought it was from the dandelions but it's too early for them so it must be from the trees. Anyway it kept flying in my face so I came inside and read.

See the white spots flying around between the satellite dishes.

After an early lunch we headed back to Stony Swamp and the Jack Pine Trail. This time we walked the outer part of the trail. There weren't as many red squirrels today but still a few and a few chipmunks and a deer. We saw ducks and the father goose was still guarding the nest that mother goose was sitting on and he was still warning the other geese to stay away.

Stony Swamp

Two male mallard ducks

Deer running away




Flowering tree

We continued on to our RV dealer in Stittsville, Vos Trailers and picked up a motor for our bathroom fan and another part that we needed to fix the vent so it will open. We drove back to the RV park a different way. There sure is a lot of building going on around this city!

As we were driving along I asked Gordon if we were going to buy the GPS that I had seen on sale at The Source (formerly Radio Shack). He suggested we go and look at it and guess what? We got it! We now have a pink Garmin Nuvi 250! Now to get it charged up and learn how to operate it!

New GPS just out of the box.


  1. yeaaaaah you got the nuvi! You'll love it. I also noticed those snow things in the air. I think it's bushes with little white fuzzies. I hope you take a trip soon to try out the GPS.

  2. I love my GPS (Alice) but don't trust it 100% as it can lead you astray. When going to a campground check out the GPS directions then check your Trailer Life Directory or whatever you use as I have found that the GPS can be really off in some of those directions. It really shines when driving interstates etc.



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