Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!

My sister had invited us over for lunch today but Gordon decided he didn't feel up to going so I went by myself. Danica is part of the National Concert Band this week (this is her third year) so she was given the week off from her duties as a 'fish slaughterer' at the University of Ottawa. She is part of a funded government program this summer for which she is being paid! Two young guys from out of town had stayed at their house overnight and were just leaving shortly after I arrived so it was just family for lunch.


Danica and the Jasper blanket.

Nick and Becky (below) arrived after church. They're dog sitting for Becky's parents this weekend as her parents have gone away for Mother's Day.

As usual, John and Margie prepared an excellent lunch and Danica's Reese's pieces cookies were a great desert followed by one of John's muffins. After lunch we sat around and let our food digest and talked for a while.

Then Nick went out to turn over the garden for his Mom so she can plant her flowers.

And when I got home my stepdaughter called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day all the way from Columbus, OH!

A nice family day!

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