Saturday, 17 May 2008

New Camera, Picnic, Nap

How can a beautiful bright sunny morning turn so cloudy, gloomy and rainy? When I went for my walk this morning it was bright and beautiful with a cloudless sky.

I found out when I checked my email this morning that Schmap California is using my photo of the Museum of Man in San Diego in their on-line travel magazine. Click here to see it. That's two of my photos that they've used but no compensation, credit only. Bummer!

Today we were meeting Gordon's friend, Jim who currently resides in Clinton, NY. Jim and his family are moving back to Ottawa and have bought a house south of where we are. This week Gordon had purchased a camera from a photographer friend in New York City who had shipped the camera to Jim and Jim had brought it with him to Ottawa as they are looking at their house today. We met them at Manotick Station about 12 km south of the RV park.

The day was rapidly turning cloudy so we went back to Manotick (we had stopped there earlier on our way to meet Jim) to a park on Long Island and took some photos there. I had packed a picnic lunch so we had our picnic at one of the tables.

On our way home, we had a few sprinkles of rain. By the time we got home and after I had moved to the couch to read my book it started to rain off and on which seemed to lull me into a nap......

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  1. Great picture, Sandra. Being born and raised in San Diego it brings back memories. GO PADRES!! :)


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