Friday, 16 May 2008

More Errands, More Sightseeing

The smell of lilacs is what was most prevalent on my morning walk. Lilacs are out early this year. They're not usually in bloom until June. I also saw these dandelions that have gone to seed already.

Since this weekend is our Victoria Day (Queen's birthday) long weekend and we needed a few things from the grocery, I decided to go today rather than brave the crowds on the weekend. I went to the south end of the city as I rarely go there since we moved from that area in 1993.

When I returned, Gordon decided he wanted to go for a drive as he needed a photo of the day for his site. So we fired up Miss Pinky (note we have now decided to change Pinky, our GPS to Miss Pinky) and away we went. We drove south out of the city down toward the little town of Manotick. I guess it could be called a suburb of Ottawa although it's a bit farther out than most suburbs. It's a very pretty little town with lots of very expensive new homes as well as your typical run of the mill houses.

We wound up at Watson's Mill and took some photos around it as well as A.Y. Jackson Park. For those of you that don't know about Canadian Artists, A.Y. Jackson was one of the Group of Seven who are quite famous world-wide for landscape art. They have all passed away now but are still very famous and my brother-in-law, Garth has quite a few of their original paintings. I used to have a few of their prints hanging in our house as well.

Watson's Mill is a beautiful building. Lots of paintings have been done of this structure.

Pretty flowers

Miss Pinky performed well again today and we're very happy with her. I still haven't gotten around to doing any geocaching and this weekend doesn't look like it will happen either. The forecast is for rain until at least Tuesday.


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  2. Well I was trying to leave a post but I keep getting knocked off???
    I was trying to tell Gordon about how great his photos look. We print professional photography books here and his are up there with all of them! Keep up the good work Gordon

    Joe and Sherri


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