Saturday, 1 March 2008

End of Month Expenses, Road Trip & Meeting Another Fulltimer

February Expenses

Campground - $439.34
Groceries/Wine/Spirits - $466.66
Laundry - $26.00
Entertainment/Parking/Restaurants - $81.94
Truck Fuel - $428.23
Propane - $47.82
Repairs RV/Truck - $956.14
Internet/TV/Cell/Insurance (Fixed Exp) - $359.86
Medical/Dental - $0.00
Software, Hardware, Electronics, Cameras - $0.00
Misc & Gifts - $189.89
Totals $2,995.88

The biggie for this month was the truck service. Without that we would have had a pretty good month so I'm happy with our total.

Nothing much was happening today. I was kind of lethargic. I did my usual desert walk then just read for most of the morning.

This afternoon Gordon announced that he wanted to go for a drive so we went to the Sierrita Mountains. They weren't too photogenic so we drove through the city over to Mission, south on Mission to the Pima Mines through Green Valley and back home via I-19 stopping for fuel at our favorite filling station on Kinney - Tucson Mountain Motors - they have full serve and they even wash your windshield!

One of our people from chat arrived today so I hopped on the bike over to go and meet her and her husband, Joyce and Jim and their little dog, Daisy. It was nearly dinner time so didn't stay long. They'll be here for a week.

The Gambel's Quail on the left was sitting on top of the transformer that's right beside our rig yesterday so I was able to get a pretty good close up of him.

A few desert flowers are starting to come out.

We saw this little dust devil as we were traveling west on the Ajo Highway this afternoon. It's kind of like a dust tornado.

We saw this RV when we were coming into the RV park tonight. I've never seen one with windows at the top. Looks like it has a second storey. It's an Outlaw by Damon.

Nothing exciting tonight. I'll probably spend some time in the rv-dreams chatroom as usual.

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