Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot - Finally!

It was a little cooler this morning - about 48F (9C) for my morning walk. I walked the same route that I walked another morning this week. It's the one that I thought ended at a large wash but today I found it continues on the other side so I ended up at the fence that separates the desert behind us from Tucson Mountain Park. There are gates along the fence so you can continue walking in the park. Instead I walked on the road that runs along the fence till I got to the wash I crossed then walked back through the wash to the trail that leads home. Washes are sort of like walking in sand except it's more like pea gravel and not that easy or fun to walk in. I saw quite a few of these little wildflowers (phot on right) along the trail.

This is the wash that I walked in this morning.

Did you know that barrel cactus always lean to the south?

After breakfast, Gordon took our bathroom fan apart as it quit working yesterday and got it running again so I took this opportunity to clean out the screen and the vent hood. That looks better! Other than that, I updated the monthly expenses up until yesterday. I'll have to wait for yesterday's receipts to go through Visa so hopefully I'll be able to post February month end expenses at the beginning of next week.

Time is going by rapidly here. It's now less than two months before we have to be back in Ontario. Sure hope the snow is gone by then! I'm wondering if we won't be sorry that we didn't get one of the Blue Flame Heaters like The Bayfield Bunch had installed in Quartzsite. You can buy them online but it would take someone who knows what they're doing to get it hooked up as it has to hook up to your propane tanks.

The ice cream truck has been coming around daily since it's been hot.

After lunch I vacuumed and got that out of the way for another few days. Then outside to my lawn chair where a couple of ground squirrels kept me entertained for quite a while. I was sitting outside when I saw Jim & Ellie arrive (photo below) so I went over to welcome them back to the USA. Then back to my ground squirrels, lawn chair and book.

Ground squirrels having a little skirmish.

I bought some new Corelle luncheon plates yesterday so I took my old ones that weren't microwave safe down to the office. Christine (owner's wife) was happy to get them and she gave me cake and a muffin! Just what I need!

The rest of the day went uneventfully. Our high was about 83F (28C) with little or no breeze at one point this afternoon so it was hot!

So tonight, it's a new program of Lost and rv-dreams chatroom!

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