Sunday, 24 February 2008

Taking It Easy!

To clarify, yesterday I mentioned that the temperature in the morning when I got up was 51F (11C) however the daytime temperature was near 70F (21C). Today was only 50F (10C) when I got up this morning but by mid-afternoon had reached a beautiful 83F (28C) with a light breeze. It was 85F (29C) inside the RV but we didn't need the air on with the breeze coming in the windows and the Fantastik Fan on it was beautiful inside. This is what we came to Arizona for! Too bad we've had to wait four months for it to arrive. I'm also hoping that the balmy temperatures together with the rain this winter will soon cause the desert flowers to bloom. Gordon saw one this morning on his outing.

I took a photo of this 5er this morning coming back from my walk. Interesting design - it's an Alfa.

Speaking of this morning, I had just gotten back from my walk and fixed my cereal and was standing with Gordon when he looked out the rear window and there crossing right behind our RV in the vicinity of where I put my lawn chair was this coyote (photo on the right)! So this photo is compliments of Gordon as I just stood there dumbfounded when I should have been getting my camera!

Knowing that this was going to be the most beautiful day we've had this winter and also knowing that we needed a few groceries, I got ready early and went out to the local Safeway to pick up what I needed. There was no way I was going to brave Walmart on a Sunday. While I was there of course I had to check out the Family Dollar Store as well as the 99 cent store and after I got groceries I went across the street to Walgreens where I got my wonderful husband some Necco wafers which he loves and a box of peanut brittle since I don't make it any more.

Safeway is like Bashas in that they have some really good specials. Today I got an $18 package of 7 huge pork chops for less than $6 with my Safeway card (sure glad I applied for it last time I was in the store). They don't automatically give you the discount without a card the way Bashas does.

On returning to the RV I sat outside in my lawnchair and finished my book taking some photos of the area behind our RV since the sky was interesting. Then I went down to the office and was able to get another Sandra Brown book called "Chill Factor", so I've started it. This one has a more interesting start than Ricochet did.

Pretty sky this afternoon

Hmmmm - the mark of Zorro (but backwards)!

Other than the weather, again, not a very interesting day to blog about!

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