Sunday, 2 March 2008


Today was a little cooler than it has been and quite windy. I had a nice walk this morning and after breakfast sat outside and read for a while.

Last night on chat, Ellie had mentioned going geocaching today and asked me if I would like to go but their car was gone. I was just about to go on a hike by myself when I saw that Ellie and Jim had returned so over I went and Ellie and I set out on our quest but we couldn't get where we wantd to go. Pima County park which is behind us borders Tucson Mountain Park which has a barbed wire fence along it. I know there are spots where there are openings but we couldn't find any in the direction we were walking. We walked on some pretty rough trails, one of which was all rocky. I didn't like that one at all. We got very close to where the geocache was - if only we could have gotten through the fence.

On our way back I showed Ellie where one of the openings in the fence was and she marked it on her GPS. Maybe another day we'll be able to find it!

It was very sunny and windy for our walk so I'm sure that I'll have some sun and wind burn and my foot isn't overly happy but it's much better than I thought it would be after walking over all those rocks. Luckily I had it wrapped.

Flowers along the trail.I had a brief nap when I got back and read some more. Another exciting day in the life of a fulltime RVer!

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Grant meant to give you his map from Laurie before we left. What is your email handle? Perhaps he can email it to you.

    It was 24 degrees here near Tombstone during the night. We had the thermostat set at 47, but the furnace ran all night long. Grant disconnected the water hose. The water filters however froze! I'm glad the wind is finally gone!

    Kathy Webb


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