Monday, 25 February 2008

Our Morning Was Spent at the Desert Museum

AI woke up to another beautiful, sunny day. The plan in the back of my head was to go to the Desert Museum today consequently I didn't do my morning desert walk.

We arrived at the Museum around 9:30 a.m. along with about five school buses and a tour bus. Inside we asked what would be in the raptor free flight today. We had seen them all so decided to do the loop. Boy did we pick the right day. There were two coyotes in the coyote area and they stood up on rocks and posed. Then on to the javelina area. There were five or six of them rooting around and eating brittle bush. We took lots of pictures.

These two deer were licking each other affectionately.

On our way back two docents were standing under a ramada with a male and female Kestrel so more photos. On to the aviary, lots of birds there too. The only place we didn't have a lot of luck was at the hummingbird aviary. One flew right in front of Gordon's face and hovered there. I got a photo of it but it wasn't very good. The flowers are also coming out. They have a new part of the museum called 'Life on the Rocks' opening at the end of the week so we'll have to go back and check that out.

I think this is a Black-Headed Grosbeak

This huge pigeon type bird was trying to take a nap.

The Parrot below was giving the Long-Legged Stilt what for!

This is the hummingbird that was hovering in front of Gordon. He's moving so he's kind of blurry!

The male and female Kestrels. These birds are small falcons.

It was a very good day at the Desert Museum! There were lots of kids around, some of them louder than I would like but it is a great place for kids to learn.

We arrived home in time for lunch. Then I retired to my lawnchair for a while, came inside and had a nap and that's the extent of my day.

Now it's on to the rv-dreams chatroom!

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