Sunday, 4 November 2007

What Can I Say About Today!

It was an absolutely beautiful day, more like summer than fall. When I stepped out the front door at about 7:40 a.m. I saw these three wild turkeys immediately. As I came out of the RV they took off across the road. I set out on my walk.

There must have been quite a bit of rain before we arrived here because this river crossing is flooded. It's only about six inches deep but this guy came through it without slowing down.

You could tell the day was going to be hot just from the haze.

Gordon had gone out for sunrise so when he got back after breakfast, I suggested that we hike the Sunflower Trail. It's only two miles round trip so I thought I could handle that. We set out about 10:00 a.m. and after a couple of false starts we finally got on the right trail. By that time it was getting hot! Here's a photo that I took from the road before we started on our hike.

The fall colors here are bright yellow and are beautiful!

Here's the hiking trail.

This is Gordon with his hiking gear using his monopod as a walking stick.

This is what we think are sunflowers that have gone to seed. The sun rays are a bonus. I didn't even know they were in the photo till I put it up on the computer.

Here's a closeup of the sunflower.

This looked like a candle cactus.

More of the beautiful yellow trees.

Gordon is crossing the Turkey Roost Bridge. We also crossed the Toad Suck Bog. Cute names!

After we finished hiking we drove to the Old West Stables. This little girl was getting ready to ride! She looked so cute and seemed to know what she was doing!

I spent the afternoon in my lawnchair reading my book and again gazing at the red rocks. It was really peaceful until a couple of families decided to come into the campground (where they're not supposed to be, campers only, no picnics) with their kids and spoil my solitude. They didn't stay long though.

I had a huge pork tenderloin that I wanted to barbecue and then make a pork stew so I got that done and now it's in the crockpot. I kind of combined two recipes so who knows, it might be inedible!

Today's temperature here in the canyon reached 87.8F (31C) but sitting outside I actually had a sweater around my shoulders due to the slight breeze and I was in the shade and under the canopy that's over the picnic table. Once I got inside however, the shorts came out!

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  1. Great pictures.
    I like the monopod that Gordon is using. Could you give me some more information about it? Does he like it?
    I'm looking to buy one for myself.



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