Friday, 9 November 2007

A Little Action!

OK, so get your minds out of the gutter folks. It just means I did more than lay on the couch today although I did do that for part of the day.

Mid-afternoon I decided I wanted to try and do a trail so we set out for the Paseo Del Rio Trail. I managed to walk for about half an hour. This trail is supposed to go beside the river but it passes closer to the road than to the river in most spots. We did get to see the river at one point but it's little more than a creek although it is one of the forks near the source of the Red River.

I was only going to go a little ways and be sure I was okay to walk back to where we started however since we were so close to the road, I probably walked farther than I should have but stopped at the Chinaberry Day Use Area. Gordon continued walking back to the truck and picked me up there. Luckily there were all kinds of deer at Chinaberry this afternoon, see photos below. The last photo is full frame in my camera he was so close to me. Gordon was walking and aiming him in my direction.

I even got the photo below of the deer standing on his hind legs eating leaves off the tree.

They didn't appear to be afraid, only mildly cautious.

On our drive back we saw an artist out painting some of the beautiful scenery and the farthest end of the park. This place is very inspirational for artists and photographers. There's literally a photo everywhere you look.

Glad I could get off my hiney and do something!

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