Saturday, 3 November 2007

Our First Day at Palo Duro Canyon & October Expenses

Our first day dawned cloudy, that wasn't in the plans! We decided since we had to go outside the park to get some groceries and fuel this morning was a good time. Thirteen miles away there's a little town called Canyon and it has a SuperWalmart and a grocery store as well as several fast food places including Taco Bell. Imagine! So off to Wally World we went and as usual I managed to part with a fair bit of my hard earned money.

The sun had started to come out by the time we were coming back so we stopped at several spots along the way into the park to take some photos. Our campground is actually 8 miles from the park entrance. Gordon took the photo below of me at the Visitor's Center.

Here are some more photos that I took around the park.

We got back to the campground well after 2 p.m. for a late lunch.

After lunch I got the October expenses put together as they have finally all come through on Visa. Note the expenses are in Canadian funds.

October Expenses

Campground - 673.01 - stayed at a couple of more expensive RV parks
Groceries/Wine/Spirits - 617.59 - did some stocking up on foods that we can't get in the U.S.
Laundry - 44.59
Entertainment/Parking/Restaurants - 204.26
Truck Fuel - 567.27
Propane - 14.88
Repairs RV/Truck - 0.00
Internet/TV/Cell/Insurance (Fixed Exp) - 360.18 - satellite TV went up in price
Medical/Dental - 30.77
Gifts & Misc - 1319.13 includes travel medical insurance for U.S.

Totals - $3831.68
Considering that we were traveling from October 25th onward I think this total came out very well. If we hadn't had the travel medical insurance to pay for our total would have been $2,797.73.

Gordon went out later in the afternoon so to see his photos go to Hopefully he'll have some up shortly. I stayed here and sat in my lawnchair and read and gazed at the red rocks.

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