Sunday, 25 November 2007

A Slow Sunday

It was a bit warmer this morning at 41F (5C) with bright sun, no clouds. I did my usual walk in the desert and Gordon went out as well although I left first and we wound up on the same path! I met him coming back. Nice walk but didn't see any critters just a few birds that were too far away to identify or photograph. Of course I took more photos. Everyone is going to be tired of seeing mountains and cactus if we're staying here for a month! Too bad! LOL

Is this guy giving me the finger?

This morning I got the dreaded laundry done. I'd still rather go to a laundromat, in this case the one in the campground, than have laundry facilities in our RV but it is a pain. There's always something missing, in this case, a place to hang things and the table for folding is way too small but at least it's done for another week or so!

The owner, Doc Justin came by as I was doing laundry and we chatted for a while. I asked him if they were doing anything for Christmas and he said if enough people were here he'd have a potluck. I also offered to help his wife set up the library. He says all he needs is more books! Too bad I left the big bag I had back in Tijeras, NM!

I thought I'd also tell you that after two nights of sleeping on my new pillow, my shoulder problem appears to be gone. Let's hope that's the case! However after two hours of sitting at the table making bracelets, my whole back hurts. Getting older is a pain! With all these bracelets, I could be an Egyptian princess!

I also made another stew today. The days have been cooler so since it's one of our favorite meals and easy to make, that's what we're having for the next couple of days.

I've been trying to change my profile photo on Blogspot and it's giving me all kinds of grief so there may be no photo for a while until I figure out what the problem is. I guess there's enough photos of me in my blogs that I don't have to worry too much about it though!

Looking out toward the mountains tonight it looks like there's quite a dust storm so I don't think I'm going out to photograph the sunset. Anyway I have to watch the stew.

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