Tuesday, 27 November 2007

From Sunset to Sunset

After a mostly cloudy day yesterday we had a really beautiful sunset. Unfortunately we didn't go out to take photos so I took this one standing on the step of the RV. It was a lovely red sky.

Today was moving day. We moved from the front of the park to the back of the park so our picture window is backing on the desert. Here's our view and a look at our new site.

We were moved and setup by noon so after lunch I took a walk in the desert and took a few more photos of desert stuff. It was cloudy when I started out so I wore way too many clothes as the sun came out about 10 minutes into my walk and stayed out for most of the afternoon. Bonus! It turned into a really nice day with a high of 75F (24C).

This cactus looks like it's decorated for Christmas!

Here's a shot of our RV from the desert.

Then I sat in my lawn chair which I've positioned behind the rig in the desert and listened to the birds and looked at the mountains. A bird landed on our aerial and sat there for a while serenading me.

Here's my view from my lawn chair. And yes, those are my feet at the bottom of the photos. I did say it was taken from my lawn chair!

It's not the red rocks of Palo Duro Canyon, but it ain't bad!

I waited to post tonight to see what sunset was going to be like. The actual sunset was interesting but the skies to the north and northeast were red! It seems sunsets here every night are different and pretty much always interesting.

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