Saturday, 24 November 2007

Out and About Around Tucson

It was colder this morning, only 38F (3C) when I got up so I dressed appropriately for my walk in the desert. I took a different trail going and then switched on to one of the trails I've been on before on my way back. The owner of the park has put plastic adirondack chairs here and there in the desert. I've come across three of four sets of them so far, kind of a nice touch.

This mornng I photographed desert plants and cactus.

And here's the little Gila Woodpecker that was right outside our living room window in our mesquite tree this morning.

Later this morning we went out our first stop being to get fueled up. On Kinney Road there's a full serve gas station with the nicest people. They even wash your windshield. When was the last time that happened? And it was the best price we had found at the time. Our main objective on this little trip was to go to Camping World to pick up some more of the light bulbs that we got in Albuquerque. We only got one card as the last ones we bought in Rockport last year turn dark and consequently the light dims. We took the scenic route and drove across Irvington Road to East Irvington Road. After Camping World we drove around Tucson a bit, driving up the Catalina Highway to take some photos of the Catalina mountains.

Tucson is quite a clean city with lots of pretty buildings. I didn't take any photos of the buildings. Maybe I will another day. On our way back we came across Speedway which turns into Gates Pass Road which goes through the mountains and comes out at the junction of Saguaro National Park and the county park. It was there we saw this little guy. He's quite a handsome little coyote. He was at a pullout. People must drop food for him to be hanging around there.

We got home and had a late lunch then went for a walk in the desert. Gordon hadn't been out there yet so I dragged him with me. Here's a photo of me beside a large saguaro cactus.

And another view of our mountains and desert.

On our return we both had a brief nap then commenced watching the skies to see if we were going to have a sunset. It looked like it would be a nice one so at the last minute we drove over on Bopp Rd. (fairly close to us) for photos.

Our high today was only 63F (17C) but compared to other parts of the southwest, not bad!

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