Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Road Trip to Haliburton

This morning was bright and sunny. That wasn't supposed to happen. So much for weather forecasting AGAIN!!

This morning I called our travel medical insurance provider and this time spoke to his associate who managed to fix us up for $200 cheaper than was quoted to us a couple of weeks ago. I will have a $250 deductible on my policy however I can submit it through my extended health care if I need to make a claim. I would highly recommend Sanderson Travel Insurance.

The plan was that we would go to the cottage and if it was a nice day we would go north to Haliburton where we had gone a couple of weeks ago on our own but there is another road that Betty wanted to show us. As we left the RV, it started to rain and it rained all the way to the cottage. When we arrived at the cottage, since it was still fairly warm today, Garth decided to take his boat to the marina across the way to have it put away for the winter so Betty drove his car to the marina and Garth froze his butt off taking the boat across the lake. The photo to the left is Garth coming in to the marina.

Even though it was still raining a bit we decided to go anyway so we went north through Bobcaygeon (Ontario) and continued north toward Buckhorn turning off on Hwy 507 then to Hwy 3 which is the highway Betty wanted to show us. Unfortunately it rained all the way to Haliburton, sometimes quite heavy but we did see some pretty spots along the way. We stopped at Haliburton for lunch at "The Codfather Fish & Chip Bar'. We had a nice lunch and it agreed with Gordon, yeah! I had some really good onion rings with my fish sandwich and they weren't greasy!

Just before lunch the rain stopped. We looked around a few stores in Haliburton then went south on Hwy 3 and since it still wasn't raining and we actually had a few periods of sun, we stopped to take some photos. We then turned off and went to Kinmount (Ontario) another little town in the Kawartha Lakes area returning through Bobcaygeon again. We stopped at Settlers Village where Betty and I went for the quilt festival for my birthday so Gordon could take some photos. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy but still not raining.

Betty and I playing "Edith Ann" from the old TV show "Laugh In"

Gordon and I posing at one of the prettier places along Hwy 3 on our way back

As we got back to the cottage it was starting to rain a bit again but it was a much better day than we had thought when we started out!

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  1. Hi
    Did you go on up to Skyline Park just north of Haliburton? If not you missed a beautiful view, especially when the fall colors are on.

    Enjoy your blog and reading about the areas you have been visiting this summer. I am from Haliburton Highlands area and it is nice seeing some of the areas I grew up in.



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