Sunday, 7 October 2007

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Betty beside her oriental pumpkin.

Betty and I went for a walk and stopped to take this photo when we were out.

This is all of us at the table, photo compliments of Mr. Tripod. Left to right Tess, Gareth, Gordon, Sandra, Betty, Garth, Melinda, Doug and Duncan.

Today after my walk and breakfast I proceeded to make gluten-free stuffing for Gordon. I had bought some rice tortillas and used them instead of bread. It tasted pretty good.

We stopped and picked up a few groceries on our way to Betty & Garth's this afternoon as tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and the stores are closed. This is typical for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter here. We arrived at the cottage around 3:00 p.m. and sat around chatting. Gordon went to visit one of the neighbors that he didn't get to see earlier due to him being sick most of the time we've been here. He is another photographer so they got to spend an hour or so together. Garth's daughter, her husband their three kids were there as well. Melinda and Doug just got back from a cruise around Baffin Island and the Arctic Ocean so it was interesting to talk to them about that. Doug actually did a back flip into the Arctic Ocean that got written up in one of the Toronto papers. He said it was easier to do it that way as when you came up you were ready to get back on the boat whereas the guys who dove off had to swim back and the water was very close to freezing.

We had a great turkey dinner as usual complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Melinda had made squash with brown sugar and butter. Definitely not a low cal meal especially with the ice cream cake to celebrate Doug's birthday and the truffles that they brought. Not a low calorie meal!

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