Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Visits, Errands and Expenses

It was a beautiful morning for a walk. It was warm 19C (66F) with a breeze but since I got up at 7:45 a.m. there was a lot of traffic with people heading for work at that time. Not a good time to walk.

After breakfast we went in to a branch of our bank in Carleton Place to get some travelers cheques for our trip south. We’ll only be back in Ottawa for one night in September so I’m trying to get most of our errands done before we leave on Monday.

We then went in to Leroy’s (the fellow we bought my new Mac from) and picked up a copy of XP to put on the Windows side of my new Mac (now I can run both Mac and Windows from my new computer). (Thanks to my husband, of course.) While in Ottawa we ran a few errands and then stopped at my sister’s to see them and pick up the mail. Gordon’s new driver’s license was there thank goodness.

I just want to say thanks to all my co-workers. It was great seeing them yesterday and special thanks to Najat for buying my lunch!

Gordon was out taking photos around 6:00 a.m. today and this little creature charged him three times so he’s been reported as possibly being rabid. Note that he did stop long enough to take its photo!

Below is the damage for July.

July Expenses

Campground – 657.20
Groceries/Wine – 587.55
Laundry – 51.65
Entertainment/Parking/Restaurants – 141.26
Truck Fuel – 297.02
Propane – 0.00
RV/Truck Expenses – 178.65
Fixed Expenses – 363.55
Medical/Dental – 285.48
Gifts & Misc – 2134.95

Total – 4697.31

We started out the month really well and if I hadn’t had to buy a new computer we would have come in under $3100.00 this month. However, with the new computer we are greatly over budget!

It appears that groceries and wine were out of sight this month too. I’ll be glad to get back to the U.S. where wine is cheap!

We bought the plates for the truck for the year and some items were purchased for the RV under RV/Truck Expenses.

Medical/Dental may change. I haven’t submitted receipts yet so not sure how much of our chiropractor bills will be paid by extended medial.

Under gifts/misc the only thing of any value other than the computer was the weather station.

I’m not particularly happy with the total for July but not much can be done about it. I am liking my computer!

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