Thursday, 2 August 2007

Another Hot, Hazy, Humid Day

It was very hot today 33C (91F) with a breeze but it was a hot breeze. I did walk this morning but am finding I'm having breathing problems again so I started taking 2 Nexium/day on Saturday but haven't seen much change. I did sit outside in between doing things on my computers. We're still getting the Mac up and running. I can do most things on it right now but need to get things transferred from my PC. I think I've moved everything that needs to be moved from my PC to my external hard drive so I'll pick and choose what needs to be transferred to my Mac.

Other than reading and sitting outside for a while, not much to report today!

No photos taken again today so I'm borrowing a photo my husband took this morning of a deer that he saw when he was out for sunrise.

Note: I just found out yesterday that Yahoo no longer supports photos and all photos that were on Yahoo have now been transferred to Flickr so I've updated my link on the right to go to my Flickr location. Since I haven't been posting photos lately, when Flickr is no longer free (Nov2) I will only post photos on my blog.

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