Sunday, 24 June 2007

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick and Becky

Nick opening his card from us

Seeing wildlife on my morning walk is always a bonus! This morning I was treated to the sight of a beautiful white-tailed deer standing in the northbound lane of Appleton Side Road. She stood there for the longest time. Luckily there was very little traffic this morning. She didn’t let me get too close though and bounded into the bush but as I passed the area where she had entered the bush I looked over my shoulder and there she was standing in the long grass against the trees watching me. They are such a beautiful sight! Days like this I could kick myself for not carrying my camera on my walks.

This morning Gordon exceeded the cap we have on our bandwidth by downloading something very large and as a result we have less than dial up speed today. It will be like this for the whole day. Our punishment! Because of this I disconnected from our satellite and turned on the wifi and was able to get a wifi signal. Not sure where it’s from but it’s a lot faster than our satellite today!

This afternoon we were invited for my nephew/godson’s 22nd birthday at my sister’s place. We had a few errands to run so we went into Ottawa a bit early and arrived at my sister’s around 4:00 p.m. Nick was there and Becky arrived from a wedding shower she was at around 6:00 p.m. and at about the same time as Danica had to leave to referee a soccer game. We had a good dinner and it was nice to see everyone!

Nick’s birthday is actually tomorrow so again:

Happy Birthday Nick!

My friend, Laura’s birthday is also tomorrow so:

Happy Birthday Laura!

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  1. Anonymous9:10 am

    Thanks !! Sweet of you to remember! You're in my old stomping grounds, you know...head down to the Cemetery Road (#17) and when you get to Ferguson Road, turn the 2nd house on the left ...#873. My old house !

    LOVE the blog....hope the weather holds for you this week!



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