Thursday, 28 June 2007

My New Glasses

And here they are! They are a mauvey pink sort of colour (according to Lenscrafters) but actually look more like copper. They're the same shape as my old ones but a bit wider and are made of titanium so they're very light which is a good thing with my prescription. They have a better reading field than my old ones did as they were made more for working. I could even see to light the oven by myself tonight! I haven't gone to Lenscrafters for some years as the last time they took over a month to get my glasses to me. This time was two weeks right on the nose and I'm quite happy with them.

I got up later this morning as it was supposed to be cooler but it was 22C (71F), much warmer than I expected so I wore shorts. It looked like rain so I took my rain jacket. When I got out on the road it was quite windy and cool so I did wear my jacket as I was walking north but took it off on my return. I walked 2 miles under cloudy skies.

The rest of the morning after my usual internet stuff and getting a shower, I sat outside and read. Again it was quite cool so I kept adding clothes and eventually added a blanket. I came back inside when the owner started mowing nearby and got back on the computer.

I found another campground in the Lebanon, Ohio area where we stay to be close to the relatives in Dayton and Cincinnati areas. It’s called Big Turtle Campground and I can’t find much about it so I’m wondering if it used to belong to King’s Island and has been taken over by a private owner. We’ll have to check it out. We’re always looking for alternatives to Cedarbrook even though we like it there, there are a lot of trees so we can only see the satellite from a few sites and they have been booked at times so we’ve had to look elsewhere.

It didn't get above 21C (70F) today so our warmest temperature was early this morning. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 8C (46F).

So nothing much happened today other than reading and surfing the internet.

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