Monday, 25 June 2007

Groceries, Library and Not Much Else

I woke up with a headache this morning and very little energy so I had to force myself to walk but managed to do the full loop around taking about 45 minutes as I walked it, no running. It was 18C (64F), cloudy and quite humid. On the last leg of my walk I encountered a skunk along the side of the road so I stopped and waited for him to make his move. As soon as he saw me, he crossed the road into the corn field so I was able to continue on my way.

After lunch I went into Carleton Place. We had tried to buy corn wraps for Gordon yesterday in Ottawa but the place where we usually buy them were out of stock (Kardish, Bells Corners). We tried a couple of other places but one was closed as it was Sunday and the other one didn’t stock them so I went to The Granary in Carleton Place and they did, indeed have them. They didn’t however have the Judy’s Multi-Mix Bread. The Judy’s website listed them as having it but apparently there is a problem with the middleman and they don’t carry it anymore. I guess we’ll have to stop at Rainbow Foods when we go to Ottawa tomorrow.

While I was out I did some grocery shopping and stopped at the Carleton Place Public Library. I couldn’t use my Nepean library card there but it was no problem to get one for Carleton Place and I can pick it up next time I’m in. In the meantime they let me take out books. I was able to find quite a few on my list from my favourite authors.

It was mostly cloudy all day with high humidity and little breeze although the temperature only reached about 28C (83F), it was still not pleasant to sit out under the tree and read. I tried for about ½ hour but wound up coming back into the air conditioning.

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