Wednesday, 18 October 2006

More Shopping

Wow! A heat wave! It was 11C (52F) when I got up this morning. Today I started taking Greens+ as recommended by a fulltimer RVer friend and my chiropractor. I sure hope it does a good job as it’s pretty gross to drink! It’s high in antioxidants and is supposed to improve your immune system which in this lifestyle is important. It’s also supposed to stop cravings for sugar. After gagging (almost) my way through my 1 cup of Greens+ I went on my walk as the rain has stopped, at least for the moment.

Late this morning I left to run errands. I had to get some travelers cheques for our trip, do some other banking, get some gifts for Christmas, go to the chiropractor and get some groceries that I didn’t get yesterday. When I got home my back was killing me from being out for 4 hours so I lay down for a while then got up and made Chicken Cacciatore. I like to make it a day ahead so the flavours intermingle. I also wrapped a few Christmas presents to drop off at my sister’s before we leave.

I’m ready for a quiet evening!

No photos today. Not a photo taking kind of day and definitely wasn’t anywhere that was picturesque.

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  1. Hang in there with the Greens+ Sandra. It is worth it. Try mixing it with your favourite fruit juice. I add ice, too!


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