Saturday, 21 October 2006

Breakfast Out and Saturday Errands

This morning it was cold and cloudy 2C (36F). Since it was Saturday I took the opportunity to cross Prince of Wales and walk on one of the streets across the way on the Rideau River side. There is a new street there (probably 5 yrs old) with monster houses and no yards and barely room to walk between the houses. I hadn’t walked on that street before (actually it’s a court) so it was interesting.

This morning we went in search of propane. Superior Propane where we usually get it is closed on the weekend so we wound up driving all the way over near Lincoln Fields before we found some. On our way back we found two places on Merivale south of Hunt Club. We’ll have to store that in our memories (yeah, sure) for next time.

After we dropped the propane tank off at the RV we decided to go out for breakfast. Gordon mentioned Cora’s on Merivale but there is one on Bank Street as well so we decided to go there. However, when we got there it was lined up and we’d probably still be waiting so we walked down the mall and found the Bella Vista where we had 2 breakfasts including coffee for just over $10. Bet we couldn’t get it for that price at Cora’s!

I dropped Gordon at the RV and headed to Bayshore to pick up the last prescription. While I was there I found a cute hat with pink and brown in it on sale at Zellers so I bought that and a few items at the fruit and vegetable market in the mall then headed home.

We did get some sun today and the temperature reached a high of 8C (46F). Boy will we be glad to get out of here! Forecast for tomorrow is rain and a high of 6C (43F)!

Since I didn't take any photos today, I borrowed one from Gordon that he took in San Diego of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. I thought it would help me to get warm, but it didn't!

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