Thursday, 19 October 2006

More Errands and Housework

Happy 10th Anniversary to Michelle and Eric!

It was another fairly warm morning (for this part of the country) but was still cloudy with the threat of rain. It rained briefly during the morning while I was getting ready to go out yet again but by the time I left it had stopped and I didn’t have any rain while I was out. I'm still sticking with the Greens+. I tried it with V-8 this morning but found it pretty heavy for first thing in the morning. It tasted better though.

I have been looking for new sneakers for a while. My old ones were looking pretty grungy and were 8 years old. I remember buying them when I joined the gym when I worked at Nortel in 1997 so they were only used for the gym for the first three years of so. I finally found my new sneakers at Tender Tootsies in Bells Corners and the guy at the checkout said the heel was gone in my old ones and they really should be replaced every three years. I just hated to give them up because they were the only shoes I own that don’t kill my back after half an hour.

I got our six months’ worth of prescriptions picked up and shelled out $1500.00+ for which I will be reimbursed at least 80%. When I get up to a certain amount they reimburse 100% so we’ll have to see if I’m there yet. There was one prescription they didn’t have in stock so that means another trip to Bayshore.

I got home around 1:00 p.m. and put the clothes in the washer in the park laundry. Gordon had done the vacuuming while I was gone. After I finished the laundry and got it put away, I had a well deserved nap.

Since the impending weather on the east coast doesn’t look so nice in the long range forecast, we’ve decided to head west through Ohio to see the grandchildren and I would like to see Luke as a baby since we missed out on seeing Lillian as a baby. Then probably head to Palo Duro Canyon in Texas as a starting point.. It was on our plan for next year but plans change and looking at the weather forecast for Amarillo, this destination may change too but from there, who knows. We’ll just have to be near Fort Myers, FL for March time frame when Betty and Garth are there. We’ve been talking about this all week and have finally come to a decision. We’ve notified Gordon’s daughter so I guess that’s our route!

Again, no photos!

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