Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Lots More Rain!

It was very cloudy this morning and about 5C (41F) but I went for my walk. There’s not much of a place to walk here. There’s a short street outside the campground that merges into Prince of Wales but at this time of morning you don’t walk on Prince of Wales as there is no sidewalk. So I walk the short street and around the campground to make up my 20 minutes.

I checked the long range forecast for next week and they’re calling for snow showers. YUK! We have to drive through mountains on the way south through Pennsylvania so hope they are wrong. We have to pass through Watertown and Syracuse, NY which are known snow belts in the area so say a prayer for us!

This morning I had my periodontist appointment to get my teeth cleaned and Gordon had a chiropractor’s appointment and got his hair cut. It started to rain while I was in getting my teeth cleaned as had been forecast.

After lunch I headed out in the pouring rain to get the shopping done that I didn’t get to do yesterday. I got most of it accomplished but wanted to be home before rush hour so I still have a few stops to make.

I have a doctor’s appointment at 7:00 p.m. tonight and then we’re going out for dinner compliments of the gift certificates that Nick and Becky gave us for our birthdays so I’m posting early. Thanks Nick and Becky!

No photos today. Too much rain!

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