Thursday, 2 February 2006

Sunny and Warm!

This morning after walking Bib, I went for another long walk around the park by myself, then came back to do some internet and watched some TV before heading out for our showers at the park. I like to use the park showers if they are clean, less cleaning for me although when we do use them, Gordon is the one that uses the squeegee to wipe down the walls.

This afternoon I had my dentist appointment. Very nice people, lots of forms to fill out. I even had to have an x-ray as the dentist wanted to be sure that there was no fracture. Apparently an old filling has chipped and in his opinion the tooth needs a crown. He said he thought it could wait until I get home but no guarantees so I’ve decided to take my chances and wait as I don’t really want a crown. I’m hoping my dentist in Ottawa can remove the old filling and just put in a new one. Since I saw the ad in the magazine they have here at the RV park which had a coupon for free examination and free x-rays – NO CHARGE! I had visions of hundreds of dollars.

We stopped at a grocery on the way back so I could get some beans to make my Calico Bean recipe for the potluck on Saturday. It’s better made ahead of time so I’ll do it tonight.

I sat outside and read for a while when we came back, then fed & walked Bib and then Gordon and I went for a walk around the park. He wanted some bird photos. He did get a couple of shots but they weren’t close enough for me to photograph with my little camera.

It was another beautiful sunny day and it reached about 75F. It also hasn’t been getting so cold at night and was 47F when I got up this morning. Lots better than 32F that we had some mornings in Quarzsite!

Nothing else happening around here today!

Photos are of some flowering trees around the park.

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Sorry I haven't been commenting much - I've hardly get time to sit down this week! :)

    Are the white flowers liacs? I LOVE lilacs - I just thinking about lilacs brings their smell into my nose and wish for spring. Alas...a couple more months of winter for us non-RV-ers....!


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