Friday, 3 February 2006

Hot and Sunny!

This morning started as usual, Gordon left before sunrise to get photos, I walked the dog, walked me, and had breakfast. I had decided yesterday I wanted to go to the SwapMeet over in Phoenix. I had picked up a card at the tourist information place at the RV office giving us free admission. Sure glad we didn’t have to pay to get in! Mostly tacky junk, probably worse than Quartzsite. We saw the place (they claim it’s 3 acres indoors) in an hour and then headed back. I wanted to go to Michaels to get some wood to start our plaque but couldn’t find it on the way back. I checked on line when we got home and now I know where it is.

This afternoon I again sat outside. It was quite hot in the sun today and it probably got to 78F. Very nice day! The only difference was I didn’t have a nap!

When I came in I asked Gordon if he wanted to go to the tourist information place over on Apache Trail so we loaded the dog and ourselves in the truck and headed over there. It wasn’t much either so we continued on to the overlook that goes to Weavers Needle. I only had sandals on so I stayed with Bib. Also it was too hot to leave Bib in a closed up truck so Gordon walked the mile or so to take photos of the Needle.

Then back home and I again went for a long walk around the park. I can see a difference in myself when I do these walks twice a day. Other than my back, I feel better.

Gordon is now barbecuing some burgers for dinner. Tonight is one of my favorite TV nights – Ghost Whisperer and Close to Home.

Photos today are of a flowering cactus and a bottle brush tree.

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