Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Not Much Happening Today!

Today's photos-top to bottom:
Bird on a cactus
Bunny seen on my walk this afternoon
Sky view from my lawnchair

Gordon got up before sunrise and headed out to take photos. Bib and I went for our usual walk and after I brought him home I went for a real walk. I think I’ve covered most of the park by now. It’s interesting to see where people are from either from their license plate or plaque that they have hung somewhere. I haven’t seen anyone else here from Ontario but I have seen people from Manitoba, B.C. and Alberta. It will be interesting to see how many people are Canadian that turn up for the Canada Day potluck on Saturday.

I made an appointment for next week for Bib to get a haircut at Smoochie Poochie and made myself a dentist appointment for tomorrow. I chipped a front tooth before Christmas but we haven’t been in one place long enough or in an area that has dentists that can take you right away so I was lucky to find this dental office and close by. Let’s hope it’s a minor repair at least until I get home.

I had planned to go to the Mall but decided I was too lazy. There’s a SwapMeet this weekend that I’d like to attend and I think I’ll check that out first.

I’ve also been thinking about making a plaque for us with our names and where we’re from. I had hoped to find someone who would make one at Quartzsite but the only one that looked like it might make signs to order was never open when they were there. So, I thought I could go to Michael’s and get the wood (after all the wood I practically gave away for crafting when we sold the house), I have my paints. We have the expertise! I even have a wood burning tool if I decide to go that way rather than paint. Anyway it’s still in the planning.

Most of the morning I did interneting and watched TV. This afternoon I sat outside in the sun for a while where it was really hot although only about 70F and then moved to the shade where it was quite cool. I took another walk around the park and back to internet.

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