Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday March 24, 2010-Busy Day

I started out this bright, sunny, chilly morning with a walk.

From there we got ready to go in search of a storage place to store the used furniture and other stuff we're collecting for our new to us house. We stopped at one in Carleton Place - way too big and too expensive so we headed toward Smiths Falls and found a small unit for $50/month. That's better! We paid the man then continued on to Smiths Falls where we had some papers to initial for our mortgage. From there we went to Walmart and picked up a lock and some other items.

Then we did a house drive by and took a photo of it with the 'SOLD' sign on it.

It's Ours!

From there we headed back to the storage unit to unload the dining set into the storage area. We also emptied out the back of the truck and put the fold up bike and the garden hose that we carry in the storage unit as well.

Then we took the scenic route back to Ottawa. There are some pretty spots along Roger Stevens Drive. When the area 'greens up' we'll be back for some photos. There is also some trails through the Marlborough Forest along there that we'll be trying out once they dry out.

A couple of interesting barns

We saw this boat out in a field - Gordon is titling his 'Sailing the high trees'

I dropped Gordon at home and continued on to pick up some groceries and things. While out, I picked up a set of glassware. No more plastic glasses!

We reached a high of 11C (52F) but it was chilly with the wind. The sun was beautiful though! It looks like our weather forecast is for colder weather over the next few days.


  1. This is all getting so exiting, watching the new home come together.
    I hope you come across more lovely furniture bargains.

    Happy Hunting, Penny, TX

  2. Sandra, I'm enjoying your blog and all the pictures.

    I'm curious about the picture of your house in today's blog, it doesn't look like the same house you posted in an earlier blog. There was no garage on the first house you posted.

    Did you end up buying a different house.

    Its great that you're finding such nice pieces of furniture for such a good price. I love that sofa table.

  3. Your house is so cute! So what are you doing with the fifth wheel? Can you park it there or are you selling it now?

    Karen and Steve


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