Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday March 26, 2010-More Buying and Some 'Splorin'

We set out to look for living room chairs this morning but instead wound up with a barbecue and a patio set. I really liked this patio set first of all because it's small and second because the chairs fold up so it will be great for storing.

This afternoon we transported the barbecue, the patio set and some other things we purchased this week to the storage unit. Unfortunately there wasn't room in the truck for the buffet we bought last night so it will have to go with another load.

After that we continued south through Smiths Falls and wound up at Chaffey's Locks about 30 miles southwest of Smiths Falls. What a pretty area! There are a lot of photographs to be taken in this area. Some that I took are below.

From there we continued on to the scenic town of Westport and Foley Mountain. We have been to Westport often but never to the mountain so we drove as far as we could. Here is the road that goes up the mountain. It's not a very tall mountain but it's an interesting spot with lots of hiking trails. I think we'll be checking this place out again later this summer.

We arrived home just before 7 p.m., got dinner and it will be an early night tonight!


  1. What a lovely area! Great pictures.

  2. hi Sandra -- pretty pictures, good for you guys for gettng out to explore for a change. You deserved the R&R. I've been enjoying your posts on furnishing your new little house as we are kinda' in the same position, since we bought a park model.


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