Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday January 26, 2010-Elk Meat & Cookies

It was 0C (32F) and snowing lightly as I took off for my morning walk. I tried a partly new area this morning and enjoyed being out after staying inside all day yesterday.

I went out to pick up some groceries this morning. I've found a store that sells a lot of gluten free stuff called Natural Food Pantry and the other day when I was there I bought some gluten free hamburg buns to have with our elk meat burgers for dinner tonight.

I also picked up a cookie mix and made up some cookies with white chocolate chips and pecans. They're pretty good.

Cookie mix

The first batch of cookies just out of the oven

I forgot to pick up yeast when I was out. I had purchased a Judy's Magic Bread Mix a while ago and I got Nancy's bread maker out of the storage area so I'll have to go out tomorrow and get that.

Our elk meat was excellent. Gordon grilled it as I thought that would be more tasty than frying it. It's quite expensive so it's not something we'll have regularly but it was nice for a treat.

Gordon outside grilling in just a sweater at the end of January!

I found this video on a site that a visit regularly and thought I'd include it here as well. There are lots of places on the video that we have seen and most recently the covered bridge at Wakefield. It's quite lengthy so if you have bandwidth limits it might be a good idea to pass on watching it.


  1. Interesting video, thank you, Sandra.
    Hmmm... Elk meat? I have had moose and venison, does it taste like either of them?

    It couldn't have been too cold with Gordon outside just in a sweater!

    So are you going to pass around some of those delicious looking cookies during chat tonight?
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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