Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday January 30th-This 'n That

I was asked in the comments if the people with the RVs on the ice fish out of them. I don't know but I would doubt it. I think the object of the fishing shacks is to cut a hole in the ice and be able to build a fire to keep warm but what do I know? I've been inside a fishing shack but never actually fished. I have no idea why the RVs were out on the ice unless people actually go for the weekend and live in them. That would be my best guess.

Way too cold again this morning for walking so just curled up by the fire and read.

This afternoon we went out and fueled the truck up and did a cursory wash. We're picking Nancy up at the airport tonight, or rather tomorrow morning around 3 a.m. Think of me getting out of bed to go to the airport but it's the least we can do for Nancy!

When I was reading RV Travel today I came across a piece that sounded very familiar. The link took me here to a piece that I had written in November on RV

It's under 'Check out these RV Travel Forum discussions' on the RV Travel page .


  1. Thanks for the answer SAndra -- that does NOT look like a fun place to go for a weekend. Weird. I thought they cut holes too in the shack floor, so I didn't think they could do that in the RV (LOL). But I couldn't imagine why else you'd want to be there.

    That was cool that you came across the link to your own article. I'll go look it up now.

  2. Awww cool--- you made the Big Time! I get the RVTravel newletter each Saturday morning too. It's a nice resource of information. Sooo was the flight on time at 3am?

    Karen and Steveio


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