Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday October 13, 2009-Shopping Trip to Fort Erie

I woke up to rain sprinkles on the roof. It was cloudy and chilly but we're nice and warm inside. My back is sore but I can move without a problem today. Since it was only light rain, I decided to head out for my walk but I stuck close to the RV.

Here is our site (thanks to Gordon for the photo)

I eat breakfast every morning while on the computer so I decided to sign up for the free wifi here. You're allowed four hours then you're off for ten hours. The four hours starts when you sign on and ends four hours later regardless of whether you're on your computer for the whole time or not. It's fairly fast now that most people have left the campground. Kind of looks like a ghost town here today, but that's pretty much what we like. There is another choice of 30 minutes every 2 hours and you can use that within your 10 hour waiting period for the other wifi.

This morning we went out and got our propane tank filled. We had run out the last night at Tranquil Acres and there are some cold nights forecast coming up.

After an early lunch we drove in to Fort Erie and went down by the Niagara River for these photos of Buffalo, NY. We also updated the roaming on our Verizon phones while we were there.

The Peace Bridge that runs between Fort Erie and Buffalo

Buffalo Skyline

There was a little area that jutted out into the river that was pretty.

I got some groceries, checked out the laundromat $2.50 to wash! On our way home we stopped at the laundromat here at the park. It's $2 to wash and $2 to dry. Still pretty expensive! Maybe I'll check out the little town west of us, Port Colborne.

After unpacking groceries, I lay down to read and had a little nap......


  1. Very pretty pics..

  2. That looks like a very nice RV park. Hope your rain stops soon. We are having rain now too.


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