Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday October 16, 2009-Another Day at Home!

L-2C (35)F
H-6C (42F)

I'll make this brief today as I didn't take any photos and today was much the same as yesterday.

I had my usual walk bundled up like a mummy although it was less windy today so although the temperature was lower, it didn't feel as cold.

We spent some of the morning researching routes south but no definite decisions made yet.

I had taken some meat out of the freezer today so I baked some chicken thighs in the oven while Gordon barbecued pork chops and chicken legs. I'm hoping that if the meat is cooked I can take it across the border. I had thought we'd be here longer so I have quite a bit of stuff in the freezer but we have a few days left before we leave so it may get cleaned up.

Another day of TV, reading and napping!


  1. Well hope you make it across without any problem. We hope we might get to see you this next year.

  2. Hi Sandra:

    When John & I crossed the border in Sarnia the only thing they wanted to know was if we had any fruit, at that time (mid Sept.) all meat seemed to be okay.

  3. Just found your blog today. I've enjoyed looking back at the older posts, too. Good luck eating up all that food before leaving!

    We're fellow fulltimer's and love it.

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I see you spent Thanksgiving not too far from us, as we were in Port Dover enjoying the same kind of weather and good food. I am thinking you're ready to flee the impending winter, no? The way this chill is coming, it might snow any day now. :)

    Safe travels, my dear.


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