Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday October 12, 2009-Happy Thanksgiving Day!

First of all let me wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Canadians who celebrate this holiday! Thanksgiving is a statutory holiday for most provinces except for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, however in those province if your job is regulated by the Federal Government, it is a holiday - like banks and telecommunications. For reference see Wikipedia.

It was another very cold morning but at least there was no wind. It was cloudy when I set out for my walk which turned out to be 40 minutes. This is such a huge place that there are lots of places to walk. I walked through the woods, through subdivisions of park models, along the beach, by the quarry and had a wonderful time!

Path through the trees

Overlooking some of the park models

Not much of a sunrise today

The row that we are in here at the park has a low tree at the end so we were hoping that some folks in the row in front of us would leave so we could pull through onto the paved road to get out of this part of the park. We had to check to see if the peron on our new site had vacated so Gordon walked over around 10 a.m. to check. He had to check a couple of times and finally saw them heading out of the park. By that time most of the row in front of us had gone except, of course, for the guy right in front of us but Gordon wheeled us through one of the other sites and we were on our new site in no time flat!

Somehow when reaching into the compartment to get some plastic blocks out to prop up the sewer hose I sent my upper back into spasm. This getting old thing isn't for the faint of heart! Consequently I haven't taken a photo of our site yet. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel better.

We've had a completely cloudy day although sun was forecast. Our high was 10C (50F). Not a very nice day.

We had stew for dinner tonight, no turkey!

To read Gordon's latest update, click here.


  1. Oh, Sandra, I sure hope that your back feels better soon. Does a heating pad, Motrin(Ibuprofen), aspirin, or Icy Hot stuff work for you.
    I sure hope you find a solution, as
    that sure will put a damper on things for you.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Ouchy ouchy Sandra! Hopefully you will wake up tomorrow and it will feel all better.

  3. I hope that you can make one of the rallies one time. We would love to spend some time with you and Gordon.


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