Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday October 15, 2009-Hanging Around Home

Today was a quiet laid back kind of day here at Sherkston Shores. Our high was 6C (42F), no sun and was very windy. Needless to say it was cold!

Regardless, I set out on my walk. Today I took the path that goes around the quarry. As that only took about 15 minutes I walked to the other side of the area where we're parked and had a look at the other side of the marsh from where I was yesterday. I only saw one duck, must have been too cold for them too!

Quarry from campground

Quarry from the other side

Closeup taken of our RV from the other side of the Quarry

Path along the Quarry

Campground where we spent Sunday night is almost deserted

Part of the campground layout

The marsh

When I got back to the RV and after breakfast, I dug my electric throw out from under the bed and spent most of the day on the couch either reading or watching a TV movie, All the Good Ones are Married. Most of the plot line was pretty common but it was easy to watch and didn't require any brain power!

It was a good day to relax!


  1. Oh thanks for taking us all along on your walk around the quarry! Now I feel so refreshed and energized, without even leaving my couch.. tee hee!

  2. Love to see the leaves are changing color..


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