Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursday May 21, 2009

It was warm enough last night to sleep with a window open so I took advantage of it although I only opened the window on my side.

Up early again this morning to do a partial repeat of yesterday. I walked along the paved road this morning and got some running in as well. I left early for Ottawa and took the scenic route in. It takes longer but the highway is under construction - they're making it limited access 4 lanes. I arrived in plenty of time. I had broken my purse when I was in Texas and bought a cheapie to tide me over so finally remembered to take it in for repair today. Will pick it up next time I'm in Ottawa.

Arrived at the periodontist in lots of time. They are so nice there. Pam, the hygenist is a wonderful lady so that's overwith for six months.

I came straight home as the weather was so beautiful and took my lunch outside to my lawn chair. A photo of the view from my lawn chair is above.

I was wiped out from three mornings of getting up early so I had a long nap this afternoon. Too bad to waste such a nice day but the body needs what it needs!


  1. Me too. I get that nap in no mater what the weather is outside. I have to have my sleep.

  2. This park must surely be your home base. You seem to return each year and stay for the longest time. Your pictures of the river make it seem special.


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