Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday May 17, 2009

It was sunny this morning but 5C (41F) and windy so I dressed for March weather instead of May weather and did my 'down the hill' walk today. I wore my Arizona baseball cap as they sit farther down on your head so don't blow off in the wind as easily.

Gordon had left early to photograph tulips. Tomorrow is the end of the tulip festival here but there will still be tulips around for a while. He was pretty cold when he got back and he said it was difficult photographing tulips in the wind.

I went out to pick up some milk and a few other groceries. I've had a hankering for Pork Adobo. I had gotten the recipe from Deb Kendall this winter when we were in Texas. This time I won't put any extra salt in it. I'll do it in the crockpot so we'll have something to eat when we move on Tuesday to Carleton Place. So I got the pork, the milk and even found peaches but no nectarines.

I spent a while online chatting with Dee and my niece, Danica, then left to go and make some gluten-free banana bread. I had bought some all purpose flour in the U.S. and wanted to give it a try and this cold day seemed like a good time to try it and it turned out really tasty! In fact, it's the only photo today.

Since that turned out so well I made a gluten free tuna and pasta dish for dinner. It was again really yummy although I bought it in a box at Raisin Rack when we were in Columbus, OH. Sure wish I had bought more!

While I was gone I left my computer backing up my photos. On my return it was finished and Gordon had installed a backup program for me to use from now on so I proceeded to delete all the photos except for 2009. I also needed to do a cleanup on Iphoto (Mac photo program). I had deleted photos before but it had left blank thumbnails so I found out how to get rid of them so now it's squeaky clean!

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