Monday, 18 May 2009

Happy Victoria Day!

For Canadians (except Quebec and Nunavut), today is Victoria Day which means that this has been a long weekend. It is also celebrated in the U.K. and the Cayman Islands. Victoria Day is also known as May 2-4 (as in a case of beer) since it is celebrated on the Monday before the 24th of May. It is the celebration of the Queen's birthday.

I did my 'up the hill' walk this morning and even took my camera.

This is taken after you get up the hill.

This is the view as you approach the top of the hill

And as you start down the hill

This is the RV park from the hill, we're the second on the left

This is the Double DD Ranch - they board horses and give riding lessons

Today we went to Petrie Island. Gordon had been told about a trail near the entrance that we didn't know existed. Earlier there were Horned Owls there but they've now moved on. It's a pretty trail near the Ottawa River with lots of ferns. The trees are getting green now even though we've had record low temperatures this month. We saw lots of small birds, the most interesting of which was the Baltimore Oriole. I haven't seen one since I was a kid. Gordon got some good shots but they were too far away for my camera.

Here's Gordon's best photo of the Baltimore Oriole. Isn't he pretty?

Just across the highway from the RV park is this little barn on the Ottawa River and today this horse was standing right in the centre of the barn door.

Evidence of beavers here


Cute little red squirrel with bright green ferns in the background


The end of the trail (at least till it dries up)

Lots of beautiful green ferns around

Chipmunk - they were pretty elusive today but I did manage to snap this one before he got away

When we got back Gordon went to the office to let the owner know that we're moving tomorrow. A couple of hours later, the owner knocked on the door and said not to dump our tanks as there is a blockage in the sewage line. Sure hope it's fixed before we leave tomorrow. They can't get it fixed today due to the holiday apparently.

I spent some time this afternoon making Pork Adobo which we'll have for dinner tomorrow night. I was also on the internet looking for RV parks on the east and north side of Lake Superior. There aren't many private parks but lots of provincial parks which means trees and narrow roads but beautiful scenery! I'll have to check further into it when and if we head that way this summer.

Today was a pretty sunny day but we only got up to 17C (63F). I'm still fighting allergies. Today I'm stuffed up and my eyes have been blurry all day. I've tried four different eye drops and nothing's working!

It will be a quiet night, we're moving to Carleton Place tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful barn picture!! If I wasn't going RV'ing I'd have an 8x10 of that one. We have an oriole outside our window everyday, now I know what it is! I've seen it just didn't know what it was. Safe travels tomorrow!
    Happy Victoria Day!

  2. Have a safe journey across town!


  3. Awesome photos today Sandra. Love the photo of "my trail".

  4. Being a Marylander, born and raised, I sure appreciate the picture of the Baltimore Oriole! Seems like he's a bit far from home, though! :)


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