Monday, 27 April 2009

Income Tax-Paid! Sunset at Petrie Island

Today was an uneventful, very warm, sunny but windy day reaching 29C (85F). Again these temperatures will be shortlived but tomorrow is another day. No walk today but this is the hill that I climb in the morning.

Gordon was up and out to have bloodwork done first thing this morning as he had to fast for 14 hours. Today was the day that we were going to sign our income tax forms so we headed into Ottawa for our 10:30 a.m. appointment. Gordon gets a small refund and I had to pay so after we left there I went to the bank and took care of it. Now we're legal and our free healthcare is paid for again until the next time I buy something. I also stopped at GNC when I was out and got what I needed and checked the grocery store in the mall - no nectarines. We stopped at another produce place - no nectarines so we just came home.

This cardinal was sitting in the tree singing when we came out from signing our income tax.

Gordon still wasn't feeling well so he took a nap and felt a bit better afterward. I read for a while and looked up some more geocaching sites in the area.

When he got up he found out where we needed to go to get our propane tank filled so that's out of the way.

On our return to the RV, I got my chair out and sat outside. It was pretty windy so I sat behind our living room slide but didn't stay out long as my hat kept blowing off. LOL

Around 7 p.m. we looked out and saw that there might be a pretty sunset so we headed over to Petrie Island and got some photos.

Since the rain the other night the path at Petrie Island has become a river.

Sunset with sun on the rocks


That about covers today!


  1. At least your not sending your taxes in to Dion!

  2. WOW, wonderful pictures of the sunset. I love it, thanks for sharing.


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