Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tulips, Doctor, Dinner Out, Groceries

It was a beautiful, sunny morning, 8C (46F) so I went on a walk and actually ran a bit.

Today was Gordon's follow-up appointment with the Infectious Disease Specialist so we decided to go in to Ottawa early and go and see the tulips. The Tulip Festival doesn't start till this weekend but reports on-line said that the tulips were at 50%. There were some tulips out but nowhere near 50%. I would say mid next week would be the ideal time to see them as long as we continue to get some warm weather.

Hmmm, not seeing any tulips here.

OK, here are some with a few daffodils thrown in!

On the way to the tulip beds we drove by the Rideau Canal. It's a very pretty area of the down town.

From there we went to the Ornamental Gardens but not much was out there. No idea what these flowers are.

Then we parked in our usual spot on the street and walked for 1/2 hour to get to Gordon's doctor's appointment. Parking at the hospital isn't made for one ton trucks and it's expensive! The doctor is setting up another CT scan of his lung and he's going back to see the doctor again in October for the results.

Narcissus on the way to the hospital

The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

After the doctor we went and had dinner at Swiss Chalet. We had a gift certificate that Nick and Becky had given us a couple of years ago so we used it tonight. Thanks guys! They have really yummy chicken done on a rotisserie.

My dinner, sorry, I had already started eating it when I thought to take a photo.

When we stopped at the restaurant we saw our car in the parking lot. When we bought the truck, we sold the car to our lawyer. I really loved that car! I'm glad she still has it.

Then we stopped at a couple of grocery stores as I was looking for 1% lactose free milk. Don't know why it's so hard to find up here.

We got home around 6:15 p.m., ready for some relaxation!


  1. Beautiful flowers. I love tulips, they're about the only flower that doesn't make me sneeze.

  2. Well those flowers will be out soon. We have POSITIVE VIBES down here for Gordons results.


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