Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. Friends (and us too)!

I reached 50,000 hits last night. Quite a milestone for me. Thanks everybody!

It was another perfect morning, mostly sun. Yesterday's crispness and bright blue skies was gone and some humidity was in the air.

After my morning constitutional, my breakfast and internet time, I got my Calico Bean dish ready and put in the crockpot for the Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. Tomorrow is the U.S. Thanksgiving and most people have Friday off for 'Black Friday' to make a nice long weekend. After that I got my book and sat outside. It's another shorts day although by noon most of the sun was gone.

I forgot to mention yesterday when I said we'd be staying here for a month that their monthly rate is $225 plus electricity. Can't beat that especially for such a beautiful view. Our view won't be nearly as nice as it is now but we'll still be able to see the water when sitting out on the patio.

This afternoon we decided to go out and scout the area and wound up driving down to Magnolia Beach and Matagorda Bay. There are lots of boondocking places along there. Then we drove over to Port O'Connor. On our way to Port O'Connor we came across the egrets and roseate spoonbills in a different spot. Port O'Connor has kind of a Port Aransas feel to it, lots of houses on stilts and a long pier. We drove down to the marina area where they dock the shrimp boats and there were lots of moochers (pelicans) there today waiting for the fishermen to clean the fish.

The road along Matagorda Bay

A row of palm trees line the beach at Indian Point

Pre-wedding photos being taken at Indian Point on Matagorda Bay

Boondocking on Magnolia Beach

Fishing piers just north of Magnolia Beach

A flurry of activity on the way to Port O'Connor - egrets, spoonbills & ibis

The pier at Port O'Connor

The moochers at the marina

And another beautiful sunset over Powderhorn Lake

We reached a lovely 77F (25C) today. Sure do like this weather!

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  1. I am pretty sure I was the 50000th, but I don't expect any Jesse
    We are heading to Texas next week for a few months, maybe we will run into you


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