Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Takin' Care of Business

We had heavy rain and a thunderstorm overnight. This morning I woke up to cloudy skies and again cool and humid. We also had some sun then some rain and some thunder this afternoon.

This afternoon we went out to get everything done to apply for Gordon's permanent resident card. His expires in March 09. He had to go to the bank to get a receipt as it costs $50 every 5 years, get ID photos done, fill in all sorts of forms and send copies of his passport and his original landed immigrant document and get it all mailed. That took a couple of hours but we managed to stop at Bayshore Shopping Mall to get the photos done and while we were waiting for them Gordon got to have Taco Bell for lunch. I had already eaten before we left.

After that we decided to treat ourselves to the flowers at the Ornamental Gardens but we'd only been there about 10 minutes when it started to rain. I have a few photos for you today though. This might be our last trip to the Ornamental Gardens this year as when we return from Lindsay we'll be staying at Tranquil Acres near Carleton Place, ON.

My little cottontail was there waiting for me.

Flower gardensOrange canna lily
Red canna lily
Not a particularly fun or interesting day today.


  1. I love bunnies, and seldom ever see one. The lilies are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful flowers! I hope you're feeling better!


  3. Lovely flowers you have there. I hope you perk up today, too.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. I know you feel better than I do, for I could not go anywhere yesterday with this ear infection. I am starting to come around though. I am here at work today and will probably have to work tomorrow.

    Sherri and Joe


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