Monday, 14 July 2008

Getting Out and About!

Today started out cloudy but it cleared later in the day and we had 24C (75F) for a high which was lovely. I went for my normal morning constitutional.

This is Gordon's favourite house to photograph. It's all by itself surrounded by fields.

Gordon called our RV dealer this morning about our door lock and they had one in stock so we went out to pick one up and on our way back stopped at Jack Pine Trail for a while. Then back to the RV so he could install the new lock.

A streak of blue in a dark sky

Black squirrel on the boardwalk

This frog was croaking at us

We both had chiropractor appointments this afternoon. This is the first time that it's actually hurt to have an adjustment. I don't know what's up with my back but the muscles are very sore and my back is tender. I expect I'll be even more sore tomorrow but he wants me to go back again this week. I've been having some headaches the last few days and that's something that I haven't had much of since retirement.

After the chiropractor we stopped at Ikea so Gordon could get some boxes to hold his back up photo DVDs, then we stopped to pick up a few groceries and home!

When we arrived home our neighbour was washing his truck and he says that the A license with R restriction has been rescinded. He was scheduled to take his driving test on Friday so he's waiting for a call from someone he knows that's high up in the Canadian RV Association to see if he can find out anything about it. He will keep us informed. What a supreme screw-up! I sure wish the goverment would get their act together on this!

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