Friday, 20 June 2008

A Productive Day

This morning was partly sunny for my walk and I managed to get in quite a few short bursts as well. It doesn't seem to be bothering my foot to run anymore. Other than that it was mostly cloudy till noon and although it wasn't overly warm 21C (70F), it was humid.

This morning I spent making phone calls to different places the most important was to Wayfarer Insurance. They are the company who insure most of the RVs here in Canada. I got a replacement cost coverage from them (our State Farm coverage does not include replacement cost) with a Fulltimers package and the quote was $1193.40 for the year. I'm awaiting a quote for insurance on the truck so I can compare it. The good news is the RV is covered regardless of what license you have as it's not insured under an automobile policy which it is now with State Farm. I also asked for a quote on the truck and they are to send that to me via email.

I got another email from the Ministry of Transportation with further explanations of what is required to determine the weight of our trailer and with that determination finding out what license we need.

It appears that if the weight of the truck and its contents (including us) plus the weight of the 5er itself with it's contents does not exceed 11,000 kg providing the trailer and contents do not weigh over 4600 kg. we are ok with our G license which we have now. If the trailer while attached to the truck weighs over 4600 kg. then we need an A license. This is now starting to make sense.

So, we went to Greeley Sand & Gravel today and he said to bring the RV in tomorrow morning and he will weigh it, no charge and give us the weights in writing. I've been busy cleaning out the things that we don't need or don't usually travel with this afternoon. I've stocked up on some stuff thinking that we were going to be here for the summer.

We also went to our dealer, Vos Trailers this afternoon and they have the same information that I have with regard to the weight of the trailer being the big factor. We also picked up a new seal for the toilet while we were there as our toilet hasn't been holding water now for a couple of months even after scraping the guck off it.

The photo today I took of the clouds as we were out and about.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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